Services by Technology

What we can evaluate ?

ELRA carries out evaluation activities for the following technologies :

Text processing Speech processingMutimodal interface
Information Retrieval Speech Synthesis Multimodal Person Tracking
Question Answering Speech Translation Audiovisual Speech Recognition
Machine Translation Automatic Speech Recognition Multimodal Person Identification
Automatic Summarization Broadcast News Transcription
Parsing Acoustic Person Tracking
Multilingual Text Alignment Acoustic Speaker Identification
Terminology Extraction Speech Activity Detection

ELRA can produce detailed evaluation requirements both for evaluation campaigns and for adequacy based context oriented evaluation.

According to the different technologies, ELRA produces detailed evaluation requirements for competitive campaign and individual system evaluation and builds specifications to carry out the evaluation.

ELRA can develop test materials according to specifications for the execution of evaluations.

On the basis of the defined requirements, ELRA develops test materials to perform the evaluation.

A detailed report is an integral part of an ELRA evaluation.

ELRA provides an evaluation report.

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